what are my chances

<p>i'm a white female from north carolina. my highest two combined math and verbal gives me an 1100 (1150 with math and cr). i have a weighted GPA of about 3.8. i'm in the top 11% of my senior class. i have played 4 years of varsity tennis, 1 year of jv soccer and 3 years of varsity soccer, 2 years of jv basketball. i have a good amount of other EC's. what are my chances of getting into penn state or fordham?</p>

<p>Penn State (University Park)- match/very slight reach
Penn State (branch)- safety
Fordham- very slight reach</p>

<p>i honestly think that you are going to get into both penn state and fordham. good luck with the whole thing!</p>

<p>thank you so much for your inputs!</p>