<p>Hello CC community, I just want to know if I even have a fraction of a chance to go to Cornell. I am applying to both the College of Arts and Sciences and the College or Agriculture and Life Sciences.
My High School GPA is around a 3.5 and my SAT score is a 2040. I did the SAT Subject Test once months ago and got a 770 on Math Level 1 and a 550 in World History (I never took world history in my life). I plan on repeating the subject test one more time in January in two other subjects and ace them both.
From what my teachers and friends say, my College Essay and Writing Supplements are considered very very good.
I also have many extra curriculars (like a TON) including School Newspaper Editor-in-Chief and layout editor, Class president four years in a row, a 2 week internship in London at a firm, a 3 week summer business course at UCLA, and much more. Do I have any chances?
I know my GPA and SAT are on the low side, but I had the chance to either repeat the SAT 1 or 2 one last time, and I realized it would be better to repeat the Subject Test and raise my chances.
Comments are greatly appreciated everyone!</p>

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@ksalam‌ your stats are pretty alright, it will come down to your essays!

Cornell is all about “fit”. Show your passion in your essays as it could be the tipping point. There are so many applicants with great stats etc. so put your best self forward in your essays. It’s the only thing you can really control now since gpa, rank, tests, ECs etc are a done deal.

“Chance me” questions are like asking if I’m going to win the lottery tomorrow. Who knows? Good luck though! You are a solid candidate, as are many.

Thank you guys, I really appreciate it. I guess you are both right. I know that Cornell is the right place for me, I just need to show that in my essays.