What are my chances

I have a sister whos attending the college as a sophomore now.
I have a 92 gpa after taking all honors throughout high school and 4 APs junior year.
I got a 1980 on the SATs (700 m 640 cr 640 w)
I have a couple of extra activities.
What are my chances?

UCB does not consider legacy for admissions.

Your SAT is below the average of 2071. Your GPA looks good but I think it is a slight Reach.

UC’s consider course rigor, UC GPA and test scores the most important criteria.

Calculate your UC GPA: http://rogerhub.com/gpa-calculator-uc/

What are your EC’s? Also spend time on your essays since UCB is more holistic in their admissions.
Good Luck.

How many AP courses have you taken in total? I agree, your SAT is a little low. Have you also taken the Subject tests? What will you focus on in your essay?

I think we would need a little more information to chance you fairly accurately.