What are my chances?

Hi, I am a rising Senior and was wondering what my chances were at Georgia Tech, I will be applying early action.

SAT: 2130 (740M)(630CR)(760W)(11essay)
SAT II’s: Taking in October (Hope for 720+) on Math II test

LEGACY: (3) Brother is rising Sophomore at Tech, & my father and uncle are alumni

-9th: AP Gov[3]
-10th: AP World History[3]
-11th: AP Calc AB, AP Statistics, AP Comparative Gov, College English(1101), College Envs(+lab), College Econ, College US History, College English(1102), College Public Speaking
-12th: AP Computer Sci, AP Biology, AP Calc BC, AP Physics 1, College Sociology

-MAJOR CHOICE: Public Policy


  • Student Body President (Elected 10th &11th Grade)
  • Founder & President of Animal Rights Activist Club
  • President of Muslim Student’s Association
  • Captain of JV Soccer Team


  • Student Council
  • JV & Varsity Soccer
  • Environmental Club
  • Muslim Student’s Association
  • Yearbook Staff
  • Actor in School Production
  • Guitar Club


  • Intern for the City of Roswell’s Government (community development)
  • Volunteer hours at local animal shelter
  • Math tutor
  • Host at local restaurant
  • Lifeguard all through High School

I know my GPA is on the lower end, but I have more rigor than the average student, triple legacy, and my SAT is mid-range. So given everything, where do you think I stand?

Thank you to all who took the time to read this and provide insight, I appreciate it. If you have any suggestions for how I can increase my chances at this point, I’d also really appreciate that as well, thank you.

You’re right, that weighted gpa is going to be a brick attached to your foot. I don’t want to be too hopeful, but i’d say you have a slight shot.

What is your unweighted GPA? or in other words without the weighting are you mostly a B student with some A’s or an A student with some C’s?

That weighted GPA is quite below average. You should try and bring that up this coming year.

My unweighted GPA is an 84%… so I primarily get B’s and A’s. And yes, I will definitely work towards raising it this coming year.

If that is your recalculated Georgia Tech GPA, then your chances are pretty low.

If not, try calculating your weighted GPA using only core classes (including language) and ALL AP and college courses. Give an extra 0.5 weight only to AP and college courses. This may or may not help, but I do know that it looks goof that you’ll have 11 weighted courses by the end of your junior year. Georgia Tech only uses this GPA recalculation method.

I thought that they dumped the adding the .5 on for AP a year or so ago and instead were just using what was reported?

Yea, I was under the impression that they only took it as it was listed on my transcript. However when I calculated using that method (core weighted with additional weight), I have a 3.77 GPA.