What are my chances?

-SATs- 1630 (will break 2000)
-GPA unweighted - 84 (can I raise senior year?)
-Courseload- 11 Honors, 4 APs
-ECs- Spanish Club, Piano Club, Key Club, President of Asian Club, Tennis, & Marching band
Colleges: Rutgers NB, NJIT, TCNJ, Stevens, Penn State, BU, Syracuse, Quinnipiac, Drexel, RPI, Baruke.

Also- UConn, UMass, Temple

I think most of those schools are going to be somewhat reaches for you. A 1630 is very low for any competitive admissions and frankly raising a 1630 to a 2000 is quite a big feat.

I am studying like crazy, my practice SATs are breaking 1800s, I should be ready by October.

Most people do lower on the real test than on practice tests. You might be able to raise a 1630 to an 1800, but a 2000 is extremely unlikely. Even if you did manage a 2000, I think you still need to add safety schools because of your rather low GPA.

P.S. Studies have shown that “studying like crazy” has minimal benefit for the SAT, as it’s designed to measure aptitude.

Can I raise my GPA to an 85-86 during senior year before I apply to colleges?