What are my chances!

Intended Major: Environmental Science- Marine Ecology
Other colleges i’m applying to: Northern Arizona U(already accepted), U of Montana, Florida Atlantic U, U of South Florida, Texas State

Also, i’m currently living in Texas

-Unweighted GPA: 3.3(possibly a 3.4- won’t know till august)

-Weighted GPA: 4.3(possible higher again)

:-# of AP classes: 8: World history, APUSH, euro history, lang, lit, government, enviro, bio, possibly stats

-class rank: 159/470

-SAT Scores: (new SAT: out of 1600) 1270: 560 on math, 710 on read/write

-AP scores: 4 on World, 4 on APUSH, 4 on Euro, 4 on Lang, havent taken the others yet

-ECs – Theatre- 2 years, taken several classes and have been in several shows(7.5 hours a week)
Dance- 4 years, been in several shows and multiple classes in school and out of school(6.5 hours a week)

-employment – Summer camp counselor: 2 years, i am responsible for up to 25 seven year olds, I plan activities, etc…
(40 hours a week)

-Rec letters: One from a teacher i’ve known for 2 years, shes taught me in multiple classes, will be very good
Essay- My essay is about how growing up in south florida gave me a unique love for the ocean and how it inspired me to study and protect Earth’s oceans. I’m kinda unsure about this- they make it seem like they really want to hear about diversity. Should i scrap this essay? It’s pretty strong, but what’s your opinion?

My biggest struggle is from a weak GPA. What do you think? Thank you so much!

I would think you have a very good chance. If you applied EA you may have heard already