What are my chances

Hey everyone. I was wondering my chances of getting in and if I could possibly get any scholarship if I get into university of Miami. I’ll be a senior this upcoming fall from Arkansas and so far I have:

A 4.2 weighted gpa throughout high school
Over 500 hours of community service from working with kids with disabilities
Multiple academic awards such as honors society and mu alpha theta
I have a 28 super score act (27 is the best raw)
Scored a 3 on the recent apush exam

For extra curricular I’ve:
Been a two time tennis state finalist
Arkansas preps for two years for my success in tennis
Did a people to people trip for two weeks in Japan
Stayed with a host family in Italy for a month then had their son live where I live for a month and it was sponsored by Rotary club
Did research on Cyanobacteria for three weeks at UCSD (was highly selective: only 32 people got to take part in it out of 500 people)

I’ve taken four AP classes so far.

I want to major in either psych, international relations or international business. I definitely think I want to minor in marine biology which I know Miami has a good marine bio program.

Please give feedback!