What are my chances?

I was wondering if I can get into Stony Brook University and Binghamton University with a 1220 on the SAT and a 93 GPA. I’m in the swim team for school since junior year, but I’m also on outside swim team before high school to now, Christian Seekers Club since sophomore year to now, Red Cross Club, SING musical, Yearbook Club, volunteer at a library, a hospital, and church,and I got selected for the National Honor Society and the National Society of High School Scholars. I have taken 3 AP classes last year ( AP Bio, AP US, AP Eng Lang) and currently 5 APs ( AP Physics 1, AP US Gov, AP Eng Lit, AP Calc AB, AP Computer Science Principles)

I might retake the SAT in December for a higher score, but do I have chance to get into these schools?

Stony brook takes your class rigor into account when deciding admissions, so you seem good to go on that part. GPA and SAT are important of course, so it wouldn’t hurt to try and retake the SAT one more time. But based on their information on college board, I’d say you have a solid chance of getting in, assuming you are an instate student.

Binghamton you are almost guaranteed admission lol. That’s defiantly a safety net for you.

@CussMan44 Thanks for the encouragement just read this a couple days ago, but I am still waiting on Stony Brook and Binghamton. Although I have gotten into a few schools already( University at Buffalo, Rutgers, Penn State, Albany, Hunter College, Uscience, and Hofstra), I still want to get into Stony Brook as it is my top school besides Cornell, which I withdraw my application because I did not feel confident of being admitted. However, I feel that I am not good enough compare to other applicants who have applied to Stony Brook in my school or through Collegeconfidential because of my GPA and my SAT score and also because I am not as well rounded compared to everyone else and not someone who stands with my extracurricular activities. Recently I been just trusting God through the process of whether if I get into Stony Brook or not.