What are my chances?

What are my chances to get into Cal State Fullerton. My gpa is a 2.83 and my SAT was an 1130. I’m a non-local California resident and my major choice is History

I applied with History too and I’m a non local applicant as well! Hopefully we both get in:) sending good luck to you!:slight_smile:

@crys07 Good luck to you too!

Last year the non-local Eligibility index threshold was 3800. If you calculate your EI then you have (2.83 x800) + (1130)= 3394. I would say CSU Fullerton is a Reach school. Average CSU GPA was 3.68 and SAT was 1127 last year not major specific.

Below is a link for average CSU GPA and test scores for each Cal state campus.


Hopefully you applied to some safety and match schools. Best of luck.

@Gumbymom Thank you!!! :slight_smile: