What are my chances?

Applying for CSUF for Spring 2020.
What Are my Chances of getting in as a psych major? Went to a local community college, didn’t know what major I wanted to claim to begin with. Changed my mind last year however I did fail a class and it lowered my gpa, I graduated from that community college last semester.
I finished the general ed courses. Have 2 AA’s in Liberal Arts. GPA: 2.6
What are my chances?

Are you local?
Coastline Community College
Cypress College
Fullerton College
Golden West College
Irvine Valley College
Orange Coast College
Saddleback College
Santa Ana College
Santiago Canyon College

This is the most recent data for 2018, but the link list average Transfer GPA by CSU campus: https://www2.calstate.edu/attend/counselor-resources/Documents/transfer-2018-admission-impaction-chart.pdf

Yes I am local

Yeah I’m local, SCC

your chance of getting into csuf is pretty small, best of luck