What are my chances?

I am a senior at a good public high school. I am in the top 10%, with a 3.75 unweighted gpa and a 4.41 weighted gpa. I’ve taken AP U.S. History and AP Chemistry, and I am currently in AP Latin, AP Physics (B), AP Art, and AP Literature. I am also in a program where I get to take a class at an elite university for free (not for credit). My composite for the SAT is 1400 (as of now. it may go up soon, as I just took it again)

I am a varsity women’s foilist. I am the president of both Excel Club (volunteering) and Junior Classical League (latin club). I am vice president of Model UN. I have been a part of numerous other clubs. I am Seneca Native American and visit my family on the reservation every summer, however, I am not enrolled because the tribe is a matriarchy.

I have also done an exclusive (very few kids are accepted) free summer camp with the FBI and have done some other things with them. My family is lower middle class.

I am applying to SCEA: Yale (I know I am not going to get in). RD: UCONN, Marist, American, Connecticut College, Cornell, Dartmouth, Boston College, Boston University, Vassar, Williams, Swarthmore, Wesleyan, Amherst.