What are my chances?

Hi guys! I know that my decision will come out soon, I really don’t want to get my hopes up. I applied RD, with a political science major
Here are my stats

GPA: 4.43
ACT: 26 (super embarrassing, I’m not the best test taker)

-Volunteering at a local non profit
-an associate producer on a morning show,
-a graphics designer at the same station of the morning show is on,

  • Co founded, designed and marketed a pop up business (escape rooms)
  • Part time caretaker and ABA trained for my brother with severe autism
  • Did after school art curriculum and teaching for disadvantaged kids for 2 years
  • Helped Organize free photo Xmas photo sessions for underprivileged families 3 years in a row
  • Did perform and Tech in musical theatre, Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Year
  • NHS junior and senior year
  • Basketball freshman year
  • Went to state in culinary in sophomore year (skills usa)

Some more about me:

Hispanic and middle eastern
Dad is an immigrant
coming from a less populated state on the west coast

In october, I left regular public school for medical reasons, and wrote my essay about this.
I had to drop all of my aps, (still stayed in honors), but I still have an incomplete for last semester, and on my midyear transcript Almost done though! Straight A’s so far!

Baylor has been one of my top schools for a while now, and I really want to attend.

Please give me your feedback! Thank you! :wink: