What are my chances?

I have applied to

  • Brown, Cornell, Duke, GeorgiaTech, NYU, Rice, Vanderbilt (Regular Decision)
  • UNC(Early Action)

I’ve been accepted to UNC.

SAT: 1540 (740 RW, 800M)

GPA: 3.47/4.00 UW (It’s been continuously increasing, started at 3.0)

Rank: n/a

SAT Subject Tests: Math 800, Physics 750, Chemistry 740

AP: Calculus BC 5, Microeconomics 5, Physics 1 4, Physics C 4, Statistics 4, Macroeconomics 4

Major: Earth/Environmental Sciences


  1. Internship (at a Graduate School with an oceanography professor)
  2. All-expenses paid research trip to Norway
  3. Earth Sciences Club (Founder & President)
  4. Environmental Campaigning Club (Founder & President)
  5. Ocean Sciences Club
  6. School Orchestra (Vice President)


  1. Silver Prize from an International Science Olympiad
  2. Silver Prize from a National Science Fair
  3. Grand Prize from a National Science Essay Contest
  4. National Representative for Science Meeting
  5. Earth Science First Class Honor

Community Service

  1. Storytelling sessions for younger kids (4 years)


  • I though they were better than average but I’m not sure. They were related to why I want to study Earth and Environmental Science.


  • I’ve never seen them but they were written by my Earth Science teacher and a different teacher that I thought knew me well. I think maybe 8,9/10?

I know my GPA is REALLY low so I haven’t applied to any financial aid. I’m also aware that I have barely any chance at getting in to Ivies but my counselor recommended applying since some kind of miracle could happen lol.


I also applied to U of Texas, Tufts, Tulane, NCSU, BU, BC, Penn State, and ASU.

I would just stick with something in your home state. There’s no reason to pay triple the tuition for something you can obtain for a fraction of the cost.