what are my chances

Hi, I’m a rising senior from Boston. As of right now, my weighted GPA is 3.71 and unweighted is 3.36

ECs: captain of varsity girls hockey, varsity field hockey, volunteer with special needs children teaching them how to swim, National Honors Society

Classes: (9): English, Honors History, Algebra 1, Honors Bio, Honors Spanish 2
(10) Honors English, Honors History, Honors Geometry, Honors Chemistry, Honors Spanish 3
(11) Honors English, Honors History, Honors Algebra 2, AP Physics 1, Spanish 4
(12) Honors English, Honors PreCalc, AP Bio, Honors Psychology, Anatomy

PSAT- 1210 (predicted SAT 1310)

Throughout Highschool I’ve gotten a mix of As and Bs, but my junior year I got a C in Algebra 2. I’m wondering if this C is going to hurt my chances getting into schools. Also, I’m applying undecided.


CU Boulder
Miami U
Penn State
Virginia Tech

UMass Amherst