What are my chances?

<p>I just applyed to a couple schools and want to know how I'll do. I'm almost 100% sure I'll get in but I want to know if I have any chance of getting a merit scholarship.</p>

<p>GPA: 4.17(weighted)
Rank: 50/510
Very good suburban public school
No AP classes junior year, though I did take seminar math and physics which is harder than honors. The rest were honors.
Senior Year: 3 APs: Calc BC, Physics II C, Computer Science A. Also 3 honors courses.
SAT: 2200/2400. 780 Mat, 750 CR, 670 Writing.
SATII: 800 Math II, 620 US History(didn't cover even half of the material in my honors class.</p>

I did DECA from 10-12 grade. You have competetitions in it. I got to nationals last year. Also worked in the school store a little junior/senior year.
Played tennis my sophomore year, broke my hand twice after the season and decided to quit.
Do volunteer work at my local library. About 2 hours a week every week. Started this my junior year summer.</p>

<p>I never really had a chance to do many ECs because I live in an area that doesn't have many kids, my parents are very busy, and I don't have a car. However I know I can't complain about that to the college.</p>

<p>Don't know how good my recs are. Decent Essay.</p>

<p>The main colleges I've applyed to are UPitt, Drexel, and UDel. I want to know if I have any chances of getting any merit scholarship. I know my grades and SATs are great but my very weak ECs make me worry. I'm going for the engineering schools.</p>

<p>i thin u might get good money for all of those</p>

<p>Anyone else have any thoughts? Also, what other colleges have decent engineering programs that I can apply to that are cheap or might offer me a merit scholarship.</p>