What are my chances?

<p>I wanted to know what you guys think of my chances. I am taking 6 AP classes this year.</p>

<p>School Type: public
Location: New York
Race/Gender: Black/ African American Male
Prospective Major: History
AIM: Hermes2623
Unweighted GPA: 94.75
Weighted GPA: 96.64
Class rank: ? of 385</p>

<p>SAT I Scores
SAT I Math: 670
SAT I Verbal: 660</p>

<p>ACT Scores
ACT Composite: 32</p>

<p>SAT II Scores
SAT II Writing: 660
SAT II U.S. History: 700
SAT II Math IC: 630
SAT II Ecological Biology: 620</p>

<p>Long-form Info</p>

<p>Extracurricular Info
Karate - national competitor
Focus on helping America
Key Club
Art club
National Art Honor society
National Honor Society
Student body governemnt - treasurer</p>

<p>Venture Scholar
Who's Who Among American High School Students
High Honor Roll each year
Honorable mention - National Spanish Exam
National Honor Roll
National Society of High School Scholars
National Achievement</p>

<p>Your SAT II scores really aren't that good, but your ACT is in the range. Your ECs don't seem to be too competitive... is your only leadership activity student body treasurer? your grades are good though and URM could help. Being from new york probably won't help you too much since the second most represented state at duke is New York, so they probably get tons on applications from there. Overally, you have a pretty good chance, especially with all of your sports activities. If you end up being ranked in the top 5-10% I'd say you have a pretty good chance early.</p>

<p>ay_caramba: I love hearing input from an actually Dukie. When did you apply?
I'm applying ED as well, and I'm nervous as hell!</p>

<p>I applied regular decision last year. hopefully if duke is your first choice it will show up in your essays or application responses somewhere. did you visit? I'm from the northeast too and I visited the summer after my junior year and loved it and then I visited again after I was accepted and decided to go. It's a long ride though, 12 hour drive. So worth it though.
So you're a prospective history major? that's cool, I haven't met many of those, though I am seriously considering the Classical Civilizations major in addition to being premed.
haha yeah college application stuff made me so nervous too. it was a good idea to apply early especially since you could be right on the edge plus you'll know this december... but yeah it's so hard to predict these things, good luck</p>

<p>oops sorry! I thought I was responding to the original poster and I waited too long to edit. Good luck to you too though r2005!</p>

<p>hey, post your stats in the duke early decision roster section in this forum, tryin to get a good list going!</p>