What are my chances?

<p>What do you think my chances of getting into Harvard (or another ivy) next year are?</p>

<p>Gender: Female
Race: White
School: Public, NJ
Current Year: Junior
GPA: 4.74 (weighted); 4.0 (unweighted)
SAT I: 760 M, 760 CR, 770 W Total 2290 (I had the flu when I took them... I think I can raise these scores a bit)
SAT II's: 740 Bio, will take more
ACTs: not taken yet
Rank: 3/320
AP: Bio-5; French Language (not taken); English Composition (not taken); AB Calc (not taken); Chem (not taken); US History (not taken);
Courseload (Junior year): AP French, AP English, AP Chem, AP Calc, AP US History, Physics H, Accounting I H
(Senior year): AP Java, AP English, AP Physics, AP Calc BC, AP Euro, AP Econ, Research in Molecular Biology (in conjunction with Rutgers Univ.), AP French Literature (self-study)</p>

<p>Academic Decathlon (3 awards, Most Valuable Team Member last year)
FBLA (1st at states in Accounting I; going to nationals; will get officer position next year)
Drama Club/Fall Play (extensive involvement since 7th grade; Crew Liaison officer position)
French Honor Society (President)
National Honor Society
History Club (Roving officer, 10th grade; Public Education officer, 11th grade; History Club Member of the Year 11th grade; President next year)
Math Club (qualified for AIME)
Science League (Top 10% in state Chem I-10th grade, and Chem II-11th grade)
Treasurer of Temple Youth Group for 4 years
Mentoring (a lot... community service)
Lead Mentor (a lot of leadership)
Hebrew School Teacher's Helper- 2 years
Girl Scouts- 12 years, Gold & Silver Awards
Summer: Stanford Summer College (A+ in Latin); ASA Oxford; Something for this summer...
Other: I've taken 3 online courses with CTY, as well as taking Spanish I and II at a local college. </p>

<p>I asked my guidance counselor where I should apply, and she seemed to say that I shouldn't look to get into any ivies, and that NYU was about the best I'd be able to do, but I find that difficult to believe... </p>

<p>What do you think? Thanks!</p>

<p>Any guidance counselor who tells someone with 2290 SAT to just look at NYU should be removed from the premises posthaste.</p>

<p>Guidance counselors are stupid. You definately have Ivy credentials.</p>

<p>U should burn down your guidance counselor..do NOT listen to her. CC is the best guidance ever. We will help u get in :D:D:D:D</p>

<p>either you put that guidance counselor thing up there to get comments, or that counselor sucks.</p>

<p>rock on</p>

<p>:) Thanks, everyone... So do you think NYU would be considered safety or low match?</p>

<p>Probably a safety.</p>

<p>You're in NYU already. You can get into Harvard.</p>

<p>C'mon.. From what you have, I think you should aim higher.. Get that counselor fired! Underestimating your chances! 2290.. EXCELLENT</p>

<p>Good LUCK! (go for Ivy League)</p>

<p>you sound super-qualified to me! ignore that counselor and apply to H</p>

<p>You have Harvard-level stats. You should definitely apply to some Ivy League schools.</p>