What are my chances?

<p>Hey! </p>

<p>What do you think my chances are on getting into the Naval Academy. </p>

<p>SAT: 1340 (710M, 630V)
Taking SAT2 Math 2C, Writing, Biology in Nov
GPA: 4.6 unweighted
Rank: 1/776
family not military affiliated
EC: Volleyball 3 years (jv) , basketball 3 years (jv), track 2 years (jv), softball 1 year (club)
Civil Air Patrol for 2 years
National Honor Society
Governor of Keystone Girls State
3rd Session of Summer Seminar; received highest rank (contacted by Academy)
President of Young Engineers of America
Morning Star Community Service
Concert Band for 4 years
Forensics for 1 year
Ski and Snowboarding Club </p>

<p>Work: 2 month internship at the Naval Business Center in Philadelphia for Science and Engineering </p>

<p>Interested in aeronautical engineering or biology</p>

<p>Many awards including Presidential Academic of Excellence, Women in Science Award, Honor Roll, etc </p>

<p>Blue and Gold Interview went very well; 3 hours in my home; said i seemed very qualified </p>

<p>Already qualified medically, physically, and academically</p>

<p>Only issue is nomination; sent in application early, interviews aren't until late Nov. early Dec.</p>

<p>I would say your chances are excellent, as long as you get a nomination. It appears you have been very successful, so far. In your post, you said you received the highest ranking at the third S.S. and that the Academy contacted you. Can you explain further? I thought they were not allowed to give out the rankings to the attendees?</p>

<p>Seems strange, you don't have an loa yet? With those stats I would think you would have had one by now. The only weakness I see is not having a varsity letter. BTW, how do you get a 4.6 gpa "unweighted", on a scale of 4.0? Good luck!</p>

<p>I'm also curious about the 4.6 uw gpa. I have a 4.5 gpa, but it's weighted (4.0 uw)based on the level of difficulty of my classes. Your class rank is superb and being President of Young Engineers looks great. Is your school considered competitive? What other leadership positions have you held? Having at least 1 varsity letter would help, but is not necessary to receive and offer of appointment.</p>

<p>Oops! That's "an" offer of appointment...sorry.</p>

<p>Your verbal SAT could be higher, but with a 710 in math you should be ok. Good luck!</p>

<p>the academy phoned my home and said i got the highest rank at summer seminar and wanted to make sure i was on task with my application back in august. </p>

<p>you're right shogun, i made a typo its a 4.6 on a weighted scale, i dont kno about the unweighted... probably 3.9 something. thank you for clarifying. </p>

<p>my school is very competitive with each grade of between 700-900 students. </p>

<p>Navgirl: what do you mean by an offer of appointment. do you mean the early offers that say you would be admitted as long as you receive a nomination? are you applying also? wat're your stats if so?</p>

<p>Either way, celestialboardr. You could receive an LOA, or you could receive an appointment as late as June from what I understand. I received an LOA in late September, but I'm waiting to hear from Harvard. I recently had my interview there with both the admission panel and the CO of NROTC. It was always my dream to go to Harvard, but now that I have an LOA, I'm thinking I may have to make a choice between the two. That is, if I am accepted to Harvard.</p>

<p>Here are my stats:</p>

SAT 800M 790V (2nd time, 1490 1st)
GPA 4.5W and 4.0UW
Class Rank 3/375
Student Body President (Currently)
Junior Class President
Sophomore Class Rep.
President of National Honor Society
Captain of the Debate Team (Jr. & Sr. year)
Girls State
USNA Summer Seminar
1 Varsity Letter in Lacrosse
3 Varsity Letters in Track
Track Captain - Sophomore & Junior Yr.
1 Varsity Letter in XC (broke 2 records so far this yr.)
Many Hours of Community Service
Black Belt in Karate
Karate Coach for 5th & 6th Graders</p>