What Are My Chances?

<p>Hi, I'd like to know the chances I have at the schools I've applied to. They are as follows,</p>

<p>Early Action: University of Vermont, University of New Hampshire, College of Charleston, University of Denver</p>

<p>Regular: USC, UC-Boulder, BU</p>

<p>Possibles: Rollins, Syracuse, Denison (Legacy)</p>

<p>SAT: 1300 (V 670, M 630)
SAT II: Writing: 660, Math IC: 530, World History: 550
GPA: very low - C+, but will be sending out interim and mid-year grades in the B+ - A- range</p>

<p>I have very strong reccomandations and in my opinion a very well written and straight forward essay. The main focus of my college advisor's evaluation is improvement, that I've perservered through difficulties and have achieved a realativly great deal. I also have a supplemental essay documenting slight (very!) learning disabilities (processing, memorization). I also attend one of the most competitive independent schools in the country as documneted by the WSJ.</p>

<p>AP: Psych</p>

<p>Community Service:
Special Olympics
Food Bank
Soup Kitchen
Fund Raisers
Habitat for Humanity
VA Hospital</p>

<p>Athletics and Extracurricular:
Freshman Soccer
Varsity Hockey (4 years)
JV/Varsity Lacrosse
Tennis </p>

<p>President and founder of school Environmental Club
Written for school current events paper
Wrote a collection of short stories to earn honors credit in Creative Writing course
Official website columnist for a professional soccer team in England last year, currently have my own column on a fan's website
Worked as a maintenance crew member two summers ago</p>