What Are My Chances

<p>Please evaluate my chances, regular decision at Dartmouth. Tried posting this in "What Are My Chances?" but not much feedback...</p>

<p>White Male
Public School in NJ</p>

<p>SAT I: 1400 (750 math, 650 verbal) (Re-taking November, hoping for 1450+)
SAT II: Math2c 780, Writing 760… Spanish (took in October, 750+)
Rank: 4 of 225
GPA: Weighted- 4.57, Unweighted- 3.80
Most rigorous courseload possible
AP's Junior Year: U.S. History, English Language, Computer Science (4's on all of them)
AP's Senior Year: Calc BC, Biology, Statistics, English Literature, Spanish</p>

<p>Student Government – 4 years (Business Manager(11), Treasurer (12))
Spanish Club – 4 years (President (11,12))
National Honor Society (Treasurer)
- Tutor for Math and Computer Science
Spanish National Honor Society
- Tutor for Spanish at all levels
Habitat for Humanity (11,12)
JV and Varsity Tennis Teams – 4 years
Writer for school newspaper and school’s spanish newsletter</p>

<p>Volunteer Work and Community Service</p>

<p>High School Writing Center (11,12)
Peer Tutor for English/History writing assignments</p>

<p>Volunteer w/ Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity, New Mexico (Summer 2004)
225+ hours of community service… over a period of 6 weeks.. June/July/August</p>

New Jersey Scholars Program
Semi-Finalist (Summer 2004)</p>

<p>National Merit Commended Scholar</p>

<p>Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition
for Community Service, August 2004</p>

<p>hey what score did you get to get commended?</p>

<p>Get that SAT up, get a good peer rec (i.e. not your best friend, but your best WRITER friend) and don't **** up your senior year.</p>

<p>Other than that, I say your chances are good.</p>

<p>thanks for the input.... bump</p>

<p>I'd say you have a good shot. Clearly a good student, try to set find something else to push yourself over the edge. You have a shot but you need to distinguish yourself.</p>

<p>I think an interview could help your chances a lot. 1400 is a great SAT score, but I think it's about average in the Dartmouth pool for white males. If you click really well with your on-campus or alumni interviewer, it could really make the difference. Dartmouth takes the interview a bit more seriously than some other schools.</p>

<p>Thanks guys.. You're awesome</p>

<p>Im applying there too, good luck</p>

<p>Thanks man... any other comments any1? got my Spanish SATII score back. instead of predicted 750-800. it was 710.. might re-take but every1 - including the parents - think i'm crazy... any thoughts? thanks</p>

<p>Like people have been saying you're definitely in the running. Now you need some good essays and some luck.</p>

<p>thanks every1... really appreciate the feedback</p>

<p>You look fine to me. 1400 is really not as horrible as people would have you think. It really ticks me off when someone gets like a 1420 and thinks their world is over. Just make yourself stand out a bit and I think you're good to go.</p>