What are my Chances?

<p>Im a junior right now looking to apply to GWU ED I in the fall...</p>

<p>White Male
Pottsgrove High School (outside of Philadelphia, Pa)
GPA: weighted 102.3/100
Rank: 7 / 270
SAT: Reading - 550
Math - 640
Writing - 590</p>

<p>Activities - Junior Class President
History Club
Model UN
Junior Statesmen of America
President of National Honor Society
Spanish Club
Key Club
Math League
Stock Market Club
Tutor elementary students 5 hours a week</p>

<p>youre really really going to need to get those sat scores up</p>

<p>wrong... board...?</p>

<p>You may have posted on the wrong thread. Your chances for admission to the Univ. of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League school, are not good based on your posted profile. Your chances for ED admission to GWU are much better although your SAT I scores are in the bottom 25% for George Washington University. You may want to consider Syracuse University, SMU, Fordham, Indiana University, the University of Denver, the Univ. of Miami and your state universities--especially the Univ. of Pittsburgh. Outstanding GPA & class rank are harmed by sub-par SAT I scores and insignificant ECs. Many flagship state universities will love your application as class rank & GPA are often their two most important admissions factors.</p>

<p>thanks for the response.....i forgot to clarify that gwu is my number 1 school of choice....however i also wanted to see my chances in other schools of interest</p>

<p>You look very... average...what's your hook going to be?</p>

<p>Reject at Upenn. Save your application money unless you significantly improve your SAT score.</p>

<p>WRONG BOARD. Although your near the bottom pool of GWU.</p>