What are my chances?

<p>White Male
Pottsgrove High School (Outside of Philadelphia, PA)</p>

<p>GPA: 102.3 / 100 (weighted)
Rank: 8 / 270
SAT: Reading - 550
Math - 640
Writing - 590
(I know, my SAT scores are bad)</p>

<p>Activities - Junior Class President
History Club
Model UN
Junior Statesmen of America
President of National Honor Society
President of Spanish Club
Key Club
Math League
Stock Market Club
Tutor 5 hours a week
I have had a consistent job for 2 years now working 20 hours a week
Involved in school sports</p>

<p>im not a student there, still a junior, but from what ive gathered id say you have a shot. the only thing you could improve on is maybe being involved in religious activities, if you are religious. ive heard that they take religious involvement into deep consideration. also, since you think your sat scores are bad, why dont you try the act? pepperdines middle composites are relatively low, freshmen profile range was from 24-29. i think a little more involvement in the community and church plus strong essays will definitely up your chances</p>

<p>i live in philadelphia, so our location may be to an advantage because im sure they don't receive that many applications from our area.</p>