What are my chances?

<p>I had no idea northwestern was anywhere near this prestigious... ugh.</p>

<p>Homeschooled, multiracial female going into engineering
Graduating after junior year
from Charleston wv
SAT: 1490
ACT: 33
SAT2s: chem - 760, writing - 710, Math2c - 800
2 APs so far, chem and stats, 5ed both... doing physics C, economics, psy, bio and calc bc this year (i self teach all APs - do they care?)</p>

<p>no clubs to speak of... it's a small homeschool organization... i play guitar and keyboard, no awards. quite a few math competition awards... coached Mathcounts team one year, got about 80 hours of service... </p>

<p>recommendation letters, not as good as could be if i waited another year... one college professor, a chess coach, and a science lab instructor.</p>

<p>summer programs: a college prep thing at WVWC, an engineering program at marshall, i hope to do WVGHA</p>

<p>can anyone honestly evaluate my chances? thanks in advance :) do you think i would have any chance for really good financial aid, if i get in? any comments would be appreciated, since I have no idea where I stand (and i'm sure the homeschooled/early admission things would throw a bit of a wrench into admissions decisions)</p>

<p>"and i'm sure the homeschooled/early admission things would throw a bit of a wrench into admissions decisions"</p>

<p>Do you mean that you applied Early Decision, or do you mean because you're only a junior?</p>

<p>(I am a homeschooler as well!)</p>

<p>"early admission" is what Carnegie Mellon (or maybe the Common App? i don't remember) calls students who graduate after their junior year, and I just picked it up since i haven't found (or thought of) a better term.</p>

<p>:) there don't seem to be many homeschoolers here, the homeschool forum is pretty bare, even though there's a whole forum for homeschoolers...</p>

<p>You can check your scores against those SAT/ACT distribution versus #applied/admitted matrix tables under "Fast Facts" on NU's admission page. This should give you an idea where you stand as far as your test scores go.</p>

<p>I believe Northwestern engineering school has one of the highest, if not the highest, female:male ratio.</p>

<p>I have had a lot of contact with Northwestern admissions officers over the years about how to fill out the application as a homeschooler.. If you have any questions, they're really, really nice about it. They don't get too many home schooled applicants, so it's all a bit flexible. You can always ask me questions too, but I would think that the admissions office would be preferable. :)</p>