What Are My Chances?

- Previous: Top prep. Sends many kids to top colleges.
- Current: Top public. Sends a lot of kids to top colleges, particularly U Mich. </p>

- Overall: 3.6 UW
- Freshman: <3.0 UW/3.3 W
- Sophomore: 3.7 UW/3.9 W
- Junior: 4.0 UW/No W
<strong><em>First two years were at a top prep school, but I had to transfer (to a top public) as my dad got custody of me and didn't approve of the religious affiliation of the school</em></strong> </p>

- Critical Reading: 790
- Math: 680
- Writing: 710 (essay unknown)
- Totals: 1470/2180
<strong><em>Little studying. Will retake in Oct. Should be able to pull a 2250+.</em></strong></p>

- My first school didn't allow freshman or sophomores to take AP classes, but I took all but one honors class possible. Took 2 AP's this past year (American History and Government/Politics; got an A+ in both classes; no scores yet). Will take 4 next year (Econ, English Lit, Chem, Comparative Gov).</p>

- Football
- Track
- Lit Mag
- 600+ hours volunteering with kids at a summer camp
- After school tutoring
- CCFA Volunteer
- Excellence in Chem and English awards (do these count?)
*** Pretty weak. Transfer kind of prohibited me from gaining a leadership position in a club***</p>

- University of Michigan (heavy legacy - both parents, multiple aunts/uncles, grandparent; at least 1 went to law school, possibly more; instate)
- George Washington
- Washington and Lee
- Georgetown
- American
- William and Mary
- Michigan State University
*** I want to major in something related to politics, so if you have any suggestions as to possible schools, feel free to recommend them.</p>

<p>If you do get those SAT scores, with your heavy legacy at UMich, you should be fine there. Remember, it is rolling app so apply early and you'll get in. That looks like the most prestigious university that you are looking at other than Georgetown, so I assume your chances at the other schools are good although I am not too familiar with most of them. Georgetown is a reach, but you should be good for your other schools, so go for it!!</p>

<p>sg, thanks for your advice.</p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>easily in at all except for GTOWN, William mary</p>


<p>Anyone else? Also considering Wake Forest.</p>

<p>With that legacy history I would just go to UMich...its a great school and you'll have a LOT of options after graduating from there.</p>

<p>idk...I REALLY like W&L. In terms of pull on Capital Hill, is U of M better than W&L?</p>

<p>About as good actually. If you want to go to CapitOl Hill then you should go to Georgetown...but the difference between W/L and Michigan? Michigan is the better school and more challenging and will without a doubt be looked at better.</p>

<p>Thanks. I'll think about it. Also, is either W&L or U of M known for grade inflation/deflation, as I plan to go to law school?</p>

<p>If you're going to law school and deciding between UMich and W/L? The clear choice is UMich. W/L is not known as being even close to as academically rigorous as UMich is and as a whole UMich doesn't have a ton of great deflation. They also have one of the best law schools in the country. Out of the schools you indicated if I was going into law I would only go to UMich and Georgetown...and consider William and Mary. And of the three? I'd give Georgetown the edge b/c of financial aid. </p>

<p>But yeah I would definitely only consider those three with the list being:
William/Mary a distant 3rd.</p>

<p>Ok, thanks. Sort of off topic: How much does legacy status actually help?</p>

<p>It actually helps a decent amount. If you are a good candidate as well as a legacy you have a hand up over other good candidates b/c of the "family" approach and money kickbacks and to keep alumni happy etc.</p>

<p>Ah, thanks. Anybody else?</p>

<li>University of Michigan- low reach/ possible match</li>
<li>George Washington-match</li>
<li>Washington and Lee-match</li>
<li>William and Mary-match</li>
<li>Michigan State University-match </li>

<p>if u get 2200's and keep up the GPA upward trend, u should get in pretty easy.
u are very competitive.</p>

<p>Thanks. Bump.</p>