what are my chances?

<p>hi there. i am an international student wanting to go to jhu. could u please tell me if i stand a chance here.
SAT 1240 1st try
SAT 1380 2nd try (760 math, 620 verbal)</p>

<p>SAT2 math2c 740, writing, bio mol. to be given</p>

<p>high school.
eng lang. 94
math 90+
chemistry 93
biology 96
physics 86</p>

member of the prefectorial council
member of the public speaking club
member of the community service club
member of the badminton team
first prize in art competition city wide
first prize in elocution contest school wide
volunteer work in a charity instituition of disabled kids
i've also given the Alevels with decent grades</p>

english 83
urdu(foreign language) 95
chem 84
biology 85
physics 88
math 86
pak.studies 72
islamiat(religion) 80</p>

<p>As levels
general paper (writing) 95
biology 93
math 90
chem 89
physics 88</p>

<p>A levels
biology 86 -----. giving again
math 89
physics 84
chemistry 82</p>

<p>i'm apllying ED
my reccomendations are pretty good as well.please advise me accordingly
i am also applying for aid of about $35000. man will i get in if i pull off an 800 on both the writing and biology e/m.</p>

<p>i don't know, it could go either way, ur grades seem average for them... and so is ur sat's, it's up in the air, i don't see why you wouldn't be competitive though... :)</p>