what are my chances

<p>first, i know there is a forum, but everybody there is talking about high school to college, not CC to a uni. i also like this forum better :)</p>

<p>What are my Chances at:
UC Berkeley

<p>Would like to major in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING</p>

White Male (17 y/o when applying as transfer)
GPA: 3.75-3.83 (W)
Let's pretend that all requirements are met</p>

Church AV Tech/webmaster/tv show producer/goer- 4 years *5-10 hours a week
Campus crusade for christ- 1 year
honors club at CC- 1 year</p>

Book keeper- Spectrum Space Design- 6 months
Bus Boy- Elizabeth Howards Dinner theater- 1 year</p>

NONE </p>

<p>also, what could i do to improve? what are some ECs that dont take much time (cause im taking 8 units in teh summer, then i plan to take 16 units ON TOP of a 4 class high school schedule.)?</p>


<p>I think your stats are impressive. I still can't understand why you still attend high school, though. If you do as is stipulated on here, and write a good essay, I think you have a good chance. By the way, which CC do you attend?</p>

<p>I go to Santiago Canyon College/ Santa Ana College in Orange/Santa Ana, CA.</p>

<p>I still attend high school for one reason. Employers frown upon a GED or proficiency certificate. This may or may not be true after I have a BS or greater, but I don't want niggling details like this to keep me from getting a job that I want. </p>

<p>And I love the social aspect of HS, can't wait to see what it's like away at college!</p>

<p>Interesting. I left because I did not like the social aspect of high school. Anyway, I can understand your perspective better now. I think your stats are good, and if you continue to maintain a high level of educational acheivement at you CC, you will do well. Also, how do you stay entune with college life, if you are at high school all day?</p>

<p>Well, I dont really have contact with college people outside of school. I have great conversations with people at breaks, but I don't have the time to hang out with them, nor a car to drive myself. The car deal will change in a few weeks, but the time deal wont. </p>

<p>And how do I keep up my college grades if I'm at high school? simple. I do not pay attention in high school and my hs grades show it. I'm normally doing calculus homework or writing an essay for english. </p>

<p>The only classes I will be getting B's in are the 3 english classes I need to take, I plan to ace every other required class. I'm so left brained its not even funny.</p>

<p>That's cool. I suppose I am just much more comfortable when I am surrounded by college students, than I am with high school students. I perfer the company of college students to high school students to the extent that I do not think I would survive high school socially. Anyway, I think you are still doing whatever you need to do to accomplish your goals, and that is going to reflect well on your application. Just remember to write a stellar essay for UC. Good luck!</p>