What are my chances!?

<p>What are my chances at getting into bio at V-Tech with this:</p>

<p>I am a junior in HS, i am expected to get around a 1250 for my SAT's and am planning on taking the ACT's (28-30). I dont have any SAT II's mainly because many of the schools i want will take the ACT instead and dont even reccoment the SAT II. But anyway, I have a 3.8 GPA 2nd decile in a VERY competative high school in Clarkstown New York (first decile starts at 4.1 and goes to 4.7....HOW SICK IS THAT!?!?!) ok well...ive taken a pretty tough courseload through HS...heres what im working with</p>

<p>8th grade (high school classes)</p>

<p>English 9h
Math 1h

Bio H, Math II H, Principles of Engineering, English 10, CAD, Spanish II, Global History H</p>

<p>*CAD-computer aided design, engineering course</p>

Chemistry, Math III, English 11, Spanish III, CAD II, Global History H (2nd part), Critical Health Issue (Honors Health course)</p>

AP Physics, Spanish 200-201 H, Math 12 (Pre Calc), AP American History, College Business Law H, Social Physc, Public Speaking, Journalism (English electives because i finished a year early)</p>

<p>Senior (courses im taking)
AP Micro economics, AP Macro, Calc Honors, AP Stats, AP Bio, AP art history, AP Lit, Public Policy H (required for graduation)</p>

<p>I also do alot of extracurricular stuff including:</p>

<p>Ambulance Corps (over 1500 hours of community service) achieved NYS certification through a 4 month course) I have been Secretary of the youth corps there, 1st Liutenant, and now captain. </p>

<p>started a youth chapter of the American Red Cross...first ever in my county we organize blood drives and do courses for the little ones (more community service in addition to the 1500)</p>

<p>JSA for 2 years, president and vice president of Engineering Club for 2 years, President of Red Cross for 2 years, National Honor Society for a year, science achievement award, Social Studies achievement award (3 years), Math National Honor society (Mu Alpha Theta), Spanish Honor Society. Citizenship Award, Whos Who Among American HS students (3 years). I also played hockey for 2 years in HS</p>

<p>You have the stats around the average acceptee for the class of 09...keep up the good work--and if youre trying to get into the college of engineering, make sure you get a solid score on the Math section of the SAT.</p>