What are my chances

<p>Ok so here are my stats</p>

<p>3.4 UW GPA
1290/1890 SAT
640 Biology
740 Math level 2
All Honors and 3 AP courses (was suppose to have 4 but won't fit into schedule)
School does not rank</p>

Internship at hospital In Cardiac Catherization Lab, Pharmacy and Cardiac Services
441 hours at Hospital over 3 years
40 hours for a week volunteer in a camp for the disabled
10 hours for School Open Houses
6 hours for Special Olympics
Winter Track
Spring Track
Muay Thai Kickboxing
National Honor Society
Teacher's Assistant / Subsitute at my church</p>

<p>Some of my colleges
Applying or waiting
-Carnegie Mellon
-Brandeis University</p>

<p>Classes my senior year
Sociology A-
AP Statistics A
AP biology - B
Pharmacology and Bioethics - B
English - B+
Real World Physics - B+
I know to many B's....
My only problem is my senior first trimester I got a D in gym...is that going to be a serious problem? Oh and its because i forgot to do a written project</p>

<p>GWU - i don't know
-BU - i'd say match
-TCNJ - i don't know
-Carnegie Mellon - i don't know
-Brandeis University - low reach, maybe match
as for the D in gym, it seems a little off because you're extra curriculars seem to involve a lot of athletics. However, if you had to get a D in anything, gym would probably be the class i'd take it in. At the same time though, it sort of negates those ECs, and makes it seem like athletics really don't matter as much as your activities suggest that they do. Good Luck!
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<p>the reason for the D was because i forgot to do a written project >.<</p>