What are my chances?

<p>I'm currently a junior at a public vocational school currently ranked in the top 10 gold medal schools (Newsweek or ...the other one, one of which says our school is "too good to qualify as public") - saying this right off the top because my GPA is fairly low, a 92.2, or around 3.71. The way our school rankings work, I'm in the top 10%.
By the end of this year it should be around 93 - 94, when my junior year credits are added.</p>

<p>SATs: 2120 (combined 1600 is 1460), going to re-take in March - practice tests at consistent 2200+
SAT IIs: 710 in Bio (botched it...), 800 in Math II
ECs and work experience: varsity swimming (3+ years), club swimming, art club, TSA, NHS, lifeguarding, piano(7+ years), volunteer work at local hospital, dance crew/modern dance, experimental research competition awards, summer engineering programs, internship at Smithsonian Institute</p>

-Polytech NYU
-Boston University
-Seton Hall
-Carnegie Mellon
-John Hopkins

<p>I'm currently a junior.
Here are my stats.</p>

<p>GPA Sophomore Year - 3.85
GPA Junior Year (first two semesters) - 4.24
SAT Scores - 1750 (Retaking them, I know I can do better).
ACTs – None yet, but I think I’ll do pretty well (maybe a 27-32, somewhere around there).
Extra Curriculars: National Charity League, Girl Scouts (10 years), Young Life (a Christian organization), a fair amount of community service/leadership, possibly National Honors Society, a volunteer group at my school, Future Business Leaders of America, DECA (a Marketing organization, I'm President).
I also placed 5th at a State Competition for Future Business Leaders of America, and I have three Excellence awards at my school for German and English Honors.
I'm really good at writing, so the essay shouldn't be a problem. I took AP English this year, and I'm doing 4 APs next year. </p>

<p>I'd like to be chanced for those too, please.</p>

<p>Oh, adding that my school doesn't have weighted GPA (mine's out of 4.0, 92 being the lowest A grade.)</p>

<p>For wish:
-UConn- In
-Polytech NYU- In
-Lehigh- ???
-Villanova- In
-Drexel- In
-Boston University- Probs
-Seton Hall-???
-Carnegie Mellon- Slight Reach/Reach
-URI- In
-UMD- In
-John Hopkins- Reach
-Syracruse- In
-Cornell- Reach
-Columbia- Reach</p>

<p>For Chelsea:
-UConn- In
-Polytech NYU- In
-Lehigh- ??
-Villanova- In
-Drexel- In
-Boston University- Maybe
-Seton Hall- ???
-Carnegie Mellon- Reach
-URI- In
-John Hopkins- High Reach
-Syracruse- In
-Cornell- Reach
-Columbia - High reach</p>

<p>Thanks! :]
That's more than I expected.</p>