what are my chances?

<p>I am a junior graduating in 2011. I am really passionate about attending either Columbia or NYU. I am from New Jersey and would like an opinion on my chances of getting into Columbia. Thanks so much to anyone who is willing to help! Here's my resume:</p>

<p>Rank: first in my grade (250 students)
Overall GPA: 100
SAT I: first time CR 650 (I hope to raise to 700), W 710, M 710 (I hope to raise to 750)
ACT: first time 30
I am still in the process of taking SAT II Subject tests. I plan to take Chemistry, Math I, and Literature.</p>

<p>I hope to major in pre-med.</p>

<p>Extra Curricular: 100 hours in local hospital volunteering with children and elderly as part of a special, selective program
120 hours volunteering in senior home
2 years in Key Club
2 years in National Honor Society
One of main photographers on my yearbook staff
Started my own clothing collection drive for young, local girls in foster care and provided them with the typical shopping experience for free and supplied them with full wardrobes for the school year
Participation in various walks for medical-related causes
Run track on the school team for three years and lettered in varsity this past season
Have won merit awards and been selected to take part in a leadership workshop at Rutgers this upcoming June
I hope to add more activities to this list throughout the upcoming summer.</p>

<p>I have taken the most difficult courses offered to me including every honors class that fit into my schedule.
So far I have completed up to Pre-Calculus Honors and plan to take either AP Calculus A/B or B/C next year.
I took two years of honors Italian but transferred schools and had to switch to Spanish, which I have taken three years of.
I have taken all honors science classes including Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry. I have also taken AP Chemistry and plan to take Honors Physics and AP Biology next year.
I am in AP Composition and have taken honors english courses.<br>
Have taken honors history as well.</p>

<p>If there are any suggestions you have or questions you want to ask feel free. I would really appreciate it if I could know where I stand and what I have to do to get into Columbia. I plan to do early decision if I see that I have the potential to be accepted.</p>

<p>Hmm Great Stats!
But before chancing you, what do you think makes you STAND OUT?</p>

<p>I was hoping my grades and leadership project with the clothes for foster care kids (which I plan to continue and expand this summer) would stand out. I would also take any suggestions on what else I should do to "stand out".</p>

<p>tests are not so good, they bring into doubt your GPA (inflation?)</p>

<p>I go to Brooklyn technical high school. My overall GPA is a 90 but that's only because I bombed sophomore year and can't do foreign language. Junior year GPA 94. I';m taking 4 AP course senior year and no foreign language. The AP classes are AP physics C, AP Calc BC, Economics and AP lit If get a 100+ average senior year will that make up my 90 GPA. I got a 800 in physics SAT II, 790 in Math II SAT and, 800 in Math I, 780 in SAT U.S History. SAT scores 760 in math , 760 in Critical reading and 530 in writing. I taken AP physics B and got a 96 in the class. It's double period. Also I got a 98 in Astrophysics. In addition the my AP classes next year I have two special classes in Aeronautical engineering, if I get 90+ in those classes will that also make up my GPA. Furthermore I might be attending the Colombia Science honors program. I so far have no service credit but I plan on doing 100+ hours this summer in a homeless shelter. I want to major in physics and in my recommendation that my counselor is going to write, she going to be talking about much I want to be a physicist and my love for physics.</p>