what are my chances?

<p>I'm a junior in high school now. What are my chances of getting into UMaryland (College Park), Boston College, Lafayette, Lehigh, George Washington, and Villanova with these stats?</p>

<p>GPA: 3.37 weighted (school doesn't do unweighted GPA)
SAT: 560 CR, 650 M, 720 W (1930 combined, plan on retaking it though)
ACT: 27 (hope to retake that also)
Class Rank: N/A (no class rank in school)</p>

<p>So far taken only 1 AP, but senior year taking 2 AP's.
-various honors classes throughout high school</p>

<p>-a few hours of international community service
-tennis player
-involved in various clubs (Junior Statesmen of America, Forensics, etc...)
-piano player</p>

<p>-I should have good teacher/guidance counselor recommendations and I should write a good essay.
-I don't need financial aid (if that matters)</p>

<p>Any advice/response would be nice. Thanks.</p>

<p>All of these schools are reasonable to shoot for however you're not a shoe-in for any of them.</p>

<p>I disagree.</p>

<p>You GPA is 3.37 W, Boston will re-calculate and it will be around 3.0-3.2. That being said, my brother gained admission into boston with a 3.6, and he was a stretch.
Try to get that GPA up. </p>

<p>Also, you SAT Score is within Boston limits, but if you want to counter-act that bad GPA, get something above a 2100.</p>

<p>UoM is the only match I can say</p>

<p>GW is a big stretch also
Villanova is a reach as well</p>