What are my chances


<p>My stats:
3.5ish Unweighted 3.8ish weighted at the end of this year
1820 SAT Scores (1230 m+v)</p>

<p>My extra Curriculars:
President of Young Democrats
Voulenteered for two congressional campaigns (or will have) on a high level
Member of JSA
Journalism (probably going to be an editor next year)
Cross Country/Track
Multiple political summer programs
written an online journal of the 2008 campaign, (and am in the process of writing one for 2010)
probably some more stuff I'm forgetting</p>


Ohio State
Louisiana State</p>

<p>Sorry if it's too much, If any one wants my opinion on their chances I can give it to them.</p>

Texas--high reach; its near impossible to get in if your not top 8% without a hook
Washington--high match
Ohio State--match
Louisiana State</p>

<p>and LSU is safe?</p>

<p>Can you afford to be full pay at an OOS school? So many apply and then figure out they can't afford them.</p>

<p>I think LSU will automatically accept anyone with a 3.0 and decent test scores
You might get scholarship money there</p>

<p>Wisconsin- match
Texas- really high reach
Washington- slight reach
Pitt- match
Ohio State- reach
Rutgers- reach
Louisiana State- match</p>

<p>Well, instead of speculation, here are the actual SAT ranges from each school's 2009-10 Common Data Set. You can see where your own SAT falls in the ranges below. Class rank and high school curriculum may have more weight than GPA.</p>

<p>SAT CR+M (25th-75th percentile) and GPA when reported</p>

<p>Wisconsin 1170-1390 (3.69 average GPA, 55.3% 3.75 or higher)
Pitt 1160-1360 (3.87 average GPA, 65% 3.75 or higher)
Texas 1100-1360 (GPA not reported)
Ohio State 1120-1340 (GPA not reported)
Washington 1100-1330 (average GPA not reported, 55% higher than 3.75)
Rutgers 1090-1310 (GPA not reported)
Louisiana State 1050-1280 (3.49 average GPA, 27.99% 3.75 or higher)</p>