What are my chances?

<h1>HIGH SCHOOL</h1>

<p>Rank: 3rd of 200 students.</p>

<p>O' Levels: 16 subjects </p>

<p>Mathematics 3
English Language (A) 1
Chemistry 3
Physics 3
Biology 3
Integrated Science 2
Agricultural Science 2
Information Technology 2
Electronic Document Preparation & Management 1
Office Administration 1
Principles of Business 2
Principles of Accounts 2
Social Studies 1
English Literature (B) 2
Geography 2
* Grade 1-3 is considered A, B, C (PASS)</p>

<p>A Levels: 10 Units (acceptable grades)</p>

<p>Pure Mathematics Unit 1 2
Pure Mathematics Unit 2 5
Caribbean Studies 2
Communication Studies 3
Chemistry Unit 1 3
Chemistry Unit 2 4
Physics Unit 1 5
Physics Unit 2 4
Biology Unit 1 4
Environmental Science Unit 1 4</p>

<p>Grades 1 - 5 are accetable (grade 1 being highest = 4.0 GPA, 5 = 2.0 GPA)</p>

<p>Rotary club
- awarded for outstanding achievement for completing 16 subjects at O'Levels</p>

<p>Wasn't a very strong high school student.</p>



<p>Will be completing two years as of August, 2010:</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0
Major: Chemistry (biology minor)
Rank: best chemistry major (with GPA considered)</p>

<p>President of the chemistry club
- helped 1st years with several chemistry courses.
- established club website</p>

<p>President of the math club
- helped 1st years with calculus I
- established math club website</p>

<p>Members of Enviromental Club & Cultural Club
- established club websites</p>

<p>Research assistant</p>

<p>Started a regional chemistry website to assist students with A-Level chemistry.</p>

- inter faculty finals winning team (and best speaker)</p>

<p>p.s. i'm from the caribbean.</p>

<p>Are there other schools i might be considered competitive only applying to the need blind schools (for international students) ... </p>


<p>plan to write it this October, November</p>

<p>SAT I
SAT II : Chemistry, Physics, Biology & Math II</p>

<p>will most likely get a high score.</p>

<h1>2011 FALL ADMISSION</h1>

<p>**I'll be teaching for a year (most likely chemistry) and plan to do some research.</p>

<p>As a transfer student, your chances are poor. It is just a numbers game, and there appears to be little compelling about your application.</p>

<p>Hi BalletGirl, </p>

<p>Any tips on what i should do?</p>