What are my chances?

<p>I apologize for repeating this question...but I need more perspective!
I am a Iowa senior, ready to apply. This summer, I need a lot of help/advice. I am an asian, if that presents any advantage.
Here is a more concise and clear list, easy to read, possibly longer:</p>

Honors Earth Science A
AP Biology A (5)
AP Chemistry A
AP Physics </p>

Geometry B+
Advanced Algebra A
Trigonometry A-
Pre-Calculus A-
AP Calculus </p>

<p>Social Studies:
World Studies A+
AP US History A (5)
AP Psychology A+ (5)
AP European History A
Sociology A+
AP Government</p>

English 9 A+
English 9 Speeches B+
English 9 Writing Workshops A
Honors English A+
AP Language and Composition A+
AP Literature and Composition</p>

3-D Art A+
AP Art History</p>

Computer Concepts 1 A-
Computer Concepts 2 A
Woods Material B
Health A+
Child Development A+
Parenting A+</p>

Spanish 1 A+
Spanish 2</p>

<p>Extra Curricular Activities:
Speech Club – 3 years
Science Olympiad – 3 years
Students Helping to Eliminate Poverty and Hunger – 3 years (active member, volunteer extensively, fund raise every semester)
Key Club – 2 years
Hospital Volunteer – 2years
Public Library Volunteer – 3years
Story County Youth Philanthropists (grant out 5000 dollars to community) – 2 years
ESL Conversation Partners – 3 years
National Honors Society – 1 year
Amnesty International – 2 years</p>

<p>Leadership Roles:
National Honor Society – Webmaster
Story County Youth Philanthropists: Board of Directors</p>

AP Scholar
Regional/State Speech First Division Awards
All-State Speech Award (Highest Honor)
State Science Olymp. Competitions: 5 1st places
Most Hours Volunteered at APL-Y (library)</p>

<p>Community Service:
Service Project: Blankets/activities for poor kids
Volunteered 40 hours thru Key Club
Volunteered (so far) 120 hours at hospital
Volunteered (so far) 120 hours at library
Will volunteer up to 150 more hours.</p>

<p>Standardized Testing:
SAT: 1990 (will retake, predicted 2100+)
SAT II Taken (predict: US History 750+, Chem. 700+)</p>

<p>Colleges want to apply to for NEUROSCIENCE/PRE-MED major:
UCLA (top choice)
UC San Diego (top choice # 2)
U of Michigan
U of Pittsburgh (best for neuroscience)
Boston U
John Hopkins?</p>

<p>Any suggestions of possible colleges?
And please, if the same people see this, don't be annoyed! I am really genuine about this info.</p>

I am an asian, if that presents any advantage.


<p>sorry to burst your bubble, but being asian is actually a disadvantage.</p>

<p>Source: <a href="http://opr.princeton.edu/faculty/Tje/EspenshadeSSQPtII.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://opr.princeton.edu/faculty/Tje/EspenshadeSSQPtII.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>But, everything else looks good, would bring that SAT score up and you should be all set.</p>

<p>UCLA (top choice)— match
UC San Diego (top choice # 2)— match
U of Michigan— match
U of Pittsburgh (best for neuroscience)— safety
Brown— reach
Boston U— safety
John Hopkins?— reach</p>

<p>UCLA- definitely in, probably half of tuition paid
UCSD- full ride
U Mich- get in, scholarships
U Pitt- same as U Mich
Brown- reach
BU- get in, full ride maybe?
John Hopkins- get in</p>

<p>My opinion. Get your SAT up to 2100.</p>

<p>The above is not true. Half tuition, full ride? These do not exist at CA public for in state students much less for out of state. For a UC, you must be able to afford the $50K plus out of state tuition. After that, you'll need an over 2050 SAT score for all majors at UCLA and most at UCSD. Michigan OOS also offer little in aid. BU a safety, again, can you afford to be full pay?</p>

<p>I haven't mentioned it up there, but what about NYU? I know they are pretty selective (32.1) but compared to UCLA, its seems pretty lenient? Do I have a chance?</p>


<p>please chance back http
UCLA (top choice)slim/slight
UC San Diego (top choice # 2)-slight
U of Michigan-maybe
U of Pittsburgh (best for neuroscience)-yes ;)
Boston U-maybe
John Hopkins?-no</p>


<p>Sat subject results!!!
Not as bright as I hoped:
Chem 670 - probably retake
US hist 790</p>