What are my chances!!??

<p>I am a high school student in Michigan and I was wondering what my chances are to get into U of M - Ann Arbor...</p>

<p>-----My Numbers-----
*3.68 gpa
*26 on ACT
*got a 5 on AP US History Exam</p>

*Had a summer internship position at MSU's Chemistry Department
*Took two classes at local community college while in high school
*NHS member (in line to receive "Cum Laude")
*Model UN
*Opinion writer on school Newspaper
*Director of Tutorial Program
*one of Youth Coordinators at my mosque
*member of Islamic Association at my high school
*Volunteered at local hospital for 1 year
*Tutored other students since 10th grade</p>

<p>---Looking to get into med school after undergrad...Major will probably be Biology
---Taking two more APs in senior year
---Thanks for your response!!!</p>