what are my chances ????

<p>Ninth Grade I% &%& up
Spanish I-B+
Health-no grade pass/fail course
Algebra I-c+
English 9th-A-
Geography-accelerated-not noted on transcript but only 9th grader in intense tenth grade course-put on additional info. on college app? -B
cumulative unweighted gpa:3.0
less electives were available on jrs. and srs. only 1 honor course available got them at small boarding school
ecs:figure skating 5 days a week 1-2 hrs. a day
wilderness skills Ice climbing/rock. 1 day a week
guitar self practice after a year and half of lessons 2hrs a week
community service 45 minutes a week reading to children a kindergarten/church volunteering at nonprofit maple sugaring farms
volunteering to help shop for and wrap gifts donated to poor families in the area
helped to decorate the dining hall during events/hollidays
-got pancreatitis-emotional and bullying issues dysfunctional family malnutritioned-never adjusted to boarding school saw a therapist
1 week acting for film program at nyfa</p>

<p>tenth grade moved with mom to competitive high school living situation wasnt working and moved home to semi competitiove high school
tenth grade dealt with parents ongoing battles
mom then decided to then move home-had anxiety issues at school as a result
new school doesn't do plusses or minues
tenth grade:
Ap European history-A I expect 3-5 on exam pending
honors English -B
honors govt.-B
Latin-I-A-unfortunately had to drop spanish b/c of schedule issues
chemistry-c :( I don't plan to go into medical..although hurt gpa gpa,with weights 3.8
ECs:Library Club cooking club drama club cinema club figure skating teen Advisory Board (local Library)
summer:community serivce at a horse farm for disabled and mentally and physically impaired
volunteering at local lib.
skipping a level of math-Algebra II summer course predicting a/b
summer program in la socapa 2 weeks acting for film Sat prep
Junior year:
Dual enrollment at cc-you have to be 16-classes i will continue spanish film studies drama business,etc
Physics:prediction A
Ap English lang.-A
AP gov,psych,us-A
Strength/personal resoucre management A
ecs:ECs:Library Club (vp)cooking club (junior officer)drama club cinema club figure skating teen Advisory Board (local Library)community serivce at a horse farm for disabled and mentally and physically impaired
volunteering at local lib.school paper/yr. book morning announcments town paper local radio local tv station model un lit art mag community theater intern at lawyers office student tutor
miss teen usa for my state possibly win high honor roll
principal 4.0 award
national hs
sat 1950-2100+
satIIs 700+
rest of aps 4+5's maybe 3
senior yr?
my school doesnt rank
summer of jr. year-intern/feed children in africa
future business leaders model un presidential fitness award
4.0 first symmester senior year maybe 5 aps
chance me for-bc bu uc's sandiego state northeastern brandeis nyu babson carnegie mellon emerson hoftstra fordham
i heard ucs dont care about ninth grade?
other lacs suggestions??</p>

<p>sorry forgot vassar and rollins in Fl
also national merit schollar</p>

<p>although your gpa in the beginning of school was not very strong you do show improvement. i would suggest writting an essay on your family problems and showing how they affected you. nyu would be a high reach, and boston college might be low reach. carnegie mellon reach and im not sure about the others, im from the west coast. try to go in depth in a certain kind of EC and not go crazy with them</p>

<p>how bout vassar</p>

<p>and tufts-aunt went there and cu's</p>

<p>It seems like you started a little shaky, but you DO have a strong resume. I don't see why you can't go to the schools you're aiming for.</p>