What are my chances?

<p>Hello world of college confidential. I'm a rising high school senior and I recently fell in LOVE with Barnard. Could anyone tell me what my chances of getting into this school are? Also, would ED help me? Thank you!
-3.79 unweighted GPA
-32 ACT composite with 9 in writing or 31 composite with 10 in writing
-Member of select acapella group since 2008 that has toured Italy and performed at both the MENC All-Eastern conference in 2009 and the ACDA Eastern Conference in 2010
-Also a member of two other school choral ensembles of larger size
-Ranked 1st Soprano 2 at PMEA All State Chorus (Pennsylvaniia Music Educators Association)
-Co-Captain of school color guard (45 girls total in a 423 person marching band)
-performed in lead roles in school plays and musicals, also directed and assistant directed shows for Studio Theatre
-1st place winner in the Central League Writing Contest in 9th grade
-2nd place winner of the 2010 Edith Garlow Memorial Poetry Contest, High School Division
that's all I can think of at the moment.</p>

<p>Ummm I'm def ot qualified, but statistically speaking your a very qualified and competitive applicant.</p>

<p>The singing is very cool :) I've always wished I could sing, but I can barely make it through yearly Christmas Carols haha :)</p>

<p>ED does help, the overall acceptance rate is 26.5% and the ED rate is 48%, but the argument could also be made that the pool of ED applicants is very self selecting. If it's definetly your number one, first choice ED communicates that to the college</p>

<p>It is definitely my number one choice. Thank you so much for responding! I hope they don't look at my resume and wonder why I'm not applying to a vocal program instead. That is where many of my interests lie, but I suppose I'll try to hook them in the "Why Barnard?" section. I am in love with the school and hope they'll love me too!</p>

<p>Yay a fellow singer! I'm applying ED but am kind of worried for the same reasons about the admissions committee wondering why I'm applying for music. Just thought I'd comment and say that I was at ACDA in February too! Small world...</p>

<p>I meant I'm not qualified**</p>

<p>Yay for fellow EDers! Haha hope to see you both in September '11 :)</p>

<p>I hope so too!! It's so crazy we were both at ACDA. Where are you from Shmeepo??</p>

<p>Connecticut...I was in the Women's Honor Choir so unfortunately didn't get to see any of the high school and college choirs perform...kind of disappointing, but an amazing experience nonetheless. How long have you been singing in choirs?</p>

<p>Well choirs since middle school. I don't really do choirs outside of school since our program is so rigorous. We have the largest group, Camerata, which is about 200 singers. We do a winter program of more contemporary stuff then one major work in the spring. This year we sang the Brahms Requiem (I cannot begin to explain my love for that piece. Sigh.) and I had the movement 5 solo. Singing that again is now on my list of artistic goals, along with someday playing Margaret in Light in the Piazza. Again...sigh. Then we have the Cantata, which is about 60 singers, and does a similar thing with more challenging pieces. This year we sang the Bach Magnificat (also SO GOOOOD). Then Silvertones is my family. We have 30 of us and we tour Italy every two years with the Palestrina Missa Vira Gallilei, along with a lot of other stuff. Along with all my other activities...I don't have time left for much else haha. </p>

<p>Oh and for ACDA I sang with Silvertones and a Soundtable. That was cool...we like demonstrated warmups and then sang some selections of our work. </p>

<p>How about you?</p>

<p>YAY. Someone I can finally choir nerd out with! I do an in school chamber choir (about 160 of us) and then a select choir (about 25), which are both great fun, but what I really love is my church choir. I've been in it since 2nd grade so I've kind of grown up within the program. Other than singing every Sunday, we do three concerts a year: two with just our choir where we do all the insane pieces that are too crazy for church services (my favourites of which have been Finzi's Lo, the Full Final Sacrifice; pretty much anything and everything by Mozart...we do a lot of his Masses, though I do love me some Bach as well; and Britten's Rejoice in the Lamb in which I sang the soprano solo...if you ever get the chance, SING IT...it's the single most fantastic piece I've ever had the pleasure of doing) and then one with some noted musician (in the past we've done concerts with Stephen Schwartz, Dave Brubeck, Judy Collins, etc). As you can tell, I'm a total church choir nerd, but I have to take the time to proclaim my undying love for Eric Whitacre. He may seem like an obvious choice, but for good reason since he's BRILLIANT.</p>

<p>And don't even get me started on Magnificats. I've done so many that trying to remember each one makes my brain hurt.</p>

<p>It's amazing that you're so set on opera. Honestly, though I love a good solo, I tend to think I have more of a choir voice than that of a soloist...which is fine by me since I love choir so much :-)</p>

<p>Choir nerds UNITE!</p>

<p>YAY!!! =-] Gosh this made me happy. And like...stop. Don't even START on Whitacre. I just LOVE HIM eeeee I've sung so much Whitacre in district/region/state choir and at school as well. This Marriage is going to be performed at my wedding and sometime soon I'm doing a Virtual Choir if I can. And I applied to sing in one of his choirs through his website. So...wait...true love. Well hopefully I'll see you at Barnard next year, right? Then I'll at least have one person to talk about music with. =]</p>

<p>Applied for one of his choirs as well and then the organizer dude got back to me and was like "Hey we'd love to have you, that'll be $600, please" so obviously that DIDN'T happen. Saw Paradise Lost with my mom at Carnegie for my birthday...absolutely blew my mind and I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried :-)</p>

<p>I've done a few of his pieces in regionals/all state and my school select choir performed Sleep in competition which was an utterly magical experience.</p>

<p>I LOVE PARADISE LOST I listened to it online and it was crazy. Absolutely brilliant. I'd love to be a part of that someday. </p>

<p>And Sleep is just...stunning.</p>

<p>Okay, WHERE did you find it online? I've only found a few songs and I'm DESPERATE to find a place to download them.</p>

<p>I haven't listened to all of it, just the snippets that are on the general Whitacre site. However I'm sure there is a place to find the whole of it. Namely, limewire, but I don't use that anymore because it would fry my laptop.</p>

<p>Yeah, I deleted my Limewire once they lost that lawsuit...no fun.</p>

<p>Well, with any luck his spiffy new choir will whip out a studio version featuring Hila, who is the most ridiculous soprano I've ever heard.</p>

<p>I KNOW RIGHT let's do this on facebook.</p>

<p>It definitely sounds like you have a shot. Be sure to put effort into your "Why Barnard" question, and get interviewed. I think both are important aspects to top off the application. Write about the connection you already feel with the school, etc.</p>

<p>ED is a nice option, but make sure you check out the financial implications of that choice before you apply. I've heard that schools tend to give less aid to ED applicants. I went for regular decision and everything worked out fine, although it did mean more waiting.
Good luck!</p>

<p>There is NOT less aid given to ED vs RD students at Barnard (or anywhere else, I imagine). The amount of aid given is based upon what they consider to be your "need" based upon a lot of info you (and your parents) will give them via the CSS profile, the FAFSA and their own Financial aid supplement. Whether you apply ED or RD makes not difference at all.</p>

<p>The thing with ED and financial aid is that you will have no way of comparing aid packages from other schools and if you and your family just cannot afford Barnard based upon the aid they can offer, then you are back to square one in the application process.</p>

<p>Thanks for all your help!! The "Why Barnard" question will undoubtedly be my favorite, since I'm so in love with the school. I could rant for hours on why I want to go here. =]</p>

<p>This question was asked during my Barnard info session this summer. We were told that some schools reward you for ED with better aid, some punish you and give you less aid (ostensibly because they know they have you), and others, like Barnard, provide the same aid regardless of whether you apply ED or RD. She suggested that the this was more of an issue when schools provide merit bases aid and in situations where families want/need to compare aid packages.</p>