what are my chances

<p>I am a senior this year and am hoping for a career in medicine. With these stats I was wondering if anyone could evaluate my chances for getting:
1. admission into bs/md programs at schools at the level of USC and Brown
2. full-ride scholarships at top-tier schools, such as Claremont Mkcenna, Berkeley or Duke
3. admission into an Ivy league school</p>

<p>4.0 GPA unweighted / 4.79 weighted
class rank one out of 595</p>

<p>middle school - algebra 1-2 and honors geometry</p>

<p>freshman year - marching band, varsity band, honors biology, honors freshman english, honors algebra 3-4, accelerated spanish 1-2 (nonhonors) and honors world geography (I took honors sophomore english the following summer)</p>

<p>sophomore year - honors precalculus (now called honors finite math/brief calculus), honors spanish 3-4, honors chemistry, honors physics, honors world history and AP Human Geography </p>

<p>junior year - AP language and composition, AP calculus BC, AP chemistry, AP us history, AP psychology, honors spanish 5-6</p>

<p>senior year - AP spanish language, AP biology, honors calculus 3-4/differential equations, AP literature and composition, AP government/economics (competition), AP european history</p>

<p>SAT 1: 2370
math - 770
writing - 800
reading - 800
SAT 2: math 2 - 800
chemistry - 800
spanish (no listening) - 790
AP tests:
human geography - 5
chemistry - 5
calculus bc - 5
language and composition - 5
us history - 5
psychology - 5</p>

<p>extracurriculars (not so good)
freshman tennis one year, JV tennis two years
key club two years
acatutors (a tutoring club) one year
marching band
volunteer at Banner Desert Medical Center (about 130 hours so far)
observation and research assistance at St. Joseph's Hospital's Center for Transitional Neurorehabilitation (about 50 hours)
national honors society one year so far</p>

<p>I am currently applying to more research opportunities and if my competition government team does well this year it will add to my resume</p>

<p>Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this and evaluate it</p>


<p>Your stats look pretty perfect to me. I'd say just work on the ECs a bit and write awesome essays, and you're set!</p>

<p>Most likely acceptance at Cornell and Dartmouth</p>

<p>thanks guys</p>

<p>Even if you are accepted to these to schools, which your stats make highly possible, these are the most competitive medical programs in the country! Just think of how stressed out you could be at all four years with all your peers not wanting study groups or to help you understand difficult concepts. Keeping a good GPA is a must for med schools. So try and research some less competitive but equally challenging programs!</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice. I am most likely going to go to a slightly less rigorous undergrad unless I get into a BS/MD program which guarantees med school admission.</p>