What are my chances?

<p>What are my chances?
Hi, I am an international student from India, High School Senior, enrolled in IB diploma program. I have passed from National Curriculum Grade 10 with a score of 90 percent which is 84 percentile nationally. MY combination of subjects and grades achieved so far is as follows:</p>

<p>Maths HL - 6/7
English A1 HL -6/7
Business Studies HL -5/7
Psychology HL - 6/7
Biology SL - 6/7
Spanish Abin - 7/7
grade 11 end of semester grade- 36/42</p>

<p>My SAT scores are :
Maths - 680
English Writing - 660
Critical Reading - 630
Total - 1970
My SAT-II scores are
Biology - 730
Maths - 650
English A1 - 580</p>

<p>At School I am involved in a variety of activities :</p>

<p>MUN since Grade 8 (5 years) Chaired Human Rights,DISEC,Security Council
Environment Club
AIDS Club- President
Media and Publicity Head for School Magazine
Solo performance - English and Hindi Vocals
Group Dance
Group song</p>

<p>Community Programs :
Habitat for Humanity - Volunteer 40 hours
Invovled with Children from the School for Speech challenged Children</p>

<p>1o Day Student Exchange Program With Malaysian School students</p>

<p>Have trained in Indian Classical Vocals
Trained in Basics of Keyboard and Guitar</p>

<p>I am appearing for SAT again and will better my scores by more than 200 points</p>

<p>I can read/write/speak in Hindi and English, read, write and to some extent speak in German and Spanish, Converse in Punjabi.</p>

<p>I am going to apply for undergrad Business Programs with a combination of Business Management, International Relation/Studies and a Foreign language.
My shortlisted colleges are as follows-</p>

<p>1 Huntsman Program at UPenn
2 Stern,NYU
3 Cornell,Ithaca,NY
4 Carnegie Mellon, Tepper
5 Richmond , Robins
6 Georgetown , Mcdonough, DC
7 Boston College, Carroll
8 Northeastern, MA
9 Boston University
10 Villanova / Georgia Tech</p>

<p>What are my chances?
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<p>low chance, for international you have very low stats… sorry</p>

<p>Now she is in Stern, NYU. :rolleyes:</p>

And now got accepted at Columbia and Northwestern for a Masters Program among others. Decided to go for MS in Business Analytics at Gabelli School at Fordham.