What are my chances?

<p>I'm a senior hoping to get into UIUC.
Out of state
hoping to major in psychology
Class rank: 11 out of 384
GPA: 3.84
In Honors courses
Chinese, speaks Mandarin
Travel abroad experience</p>

Act: 26
ACT Writing: 8 out of 12</p>

Orchestra: Violin
JCL Parliamentarian
KEY Club (2 yrs.)

writing short stories, origami, reading, manga fan, & likes writing competitions, pondering (I have a blog for that, I wonder if I can put that somewhere on my application)</p>

<p>GPA and rank are great, ECs don’t matter much for public schools, but you ACT pretty low. I think you have a decent chance at DGS, somewhat of a reach though. Try to write some great essays.</p>

<p>And if you were thinking about retaking ACT, do it ASAP, then, if you are denied, you can appeal the decision once your new scores come.</p>