What are my Chances?!

<p>ACT= 29
SAT= CR-620, Math-590, Writing- 640 (I know its low, but I retook this test and feel like I improved alot, but I have not yet recieved them!)
unweighted GPA= 3.9
3 AP Classes. AP USH (4)--AP BIO, AP LIT
Taken All honors and AP courses offered at my school.</p>

<p>As far as Extra-Curricular Activities:
President of BETA & HOSA
Yearbook Editor
FBLA Public Relations Chairman
High School representative to the Board of Education</p>

National Honor Soceity
Georgia Certificate of Merit
Georgia Highschool Achievers
Young Georgia Author Award</p>


You can't even spell valedictorian correctly you fool.</p>

<p>Is that because I misspelled a word, or because of my other credentials?</p>

<p>BTW: You are RUDE.</p>

<p>Your SAT and ACT scores are low by Vanderbilt standards. If they go up that will be a big help. Being your class valedictorian will help. Your GPA is looked at in relation to your school and as valedictorian you must be at the top. Your EC's seem in line though a lot of kids have a longer list (though not necessarily better). Does your school offer limited AP classes? Three AP classes is light unless your choices are limited (Vanderbilt will not penalize you if it is not offered). Vanderbilt is looking for students who challenged themselves by taking as challenging a curriculum as your school offers. Best of luck!</p>

<p>My school offers 2 AP Classes, I took the third AP over the internet. I thought colleges looked at depth; Im only involved in three clubs, but I hold positions, and have personally raised thousands of dollars in each one over the past three years. I have also held three jobs; one at City Hall, one at a Tax Assesors Office, and one at the Guidance Office at my school. Last November the Mayor also hired my to work the Municipal Elections; I was the youngest person to do this ever in my town. </p>

<p>If I am not accepted, I won't be that dissapointed. I'm not sure how well I would enjoy a school filled with rich kids who are use to things being easy for them (considering I have basically supported myself since I was 16.)</p>

<p>Since you are taking the most rigorous curriculum your school offers, this will be a plus. Your characterization of the Vandy student is unfair and unfounded. I have two children there and they along with many of their friends are buy no measure wealthy. There are many wealthy kids but that is true of most of the top academic institutions. A major plus is that Vanderbilt gives generous financial packages. Trust me that knowbody gets a pass at Vanderbilt, the work is challenging and the kids work very hard. If you get a chance you should visit the school. I have never found the atmosphere to be in the least bit snoby. It pobably had the friendliest atmosphere of any school we visited. Regarding your EC's, the fact that you are very involved does make a bid difference. Schools generally know when kids are padding their resumes. You may want to talk about some of these in your essay as you seem passionate about your activities. Best of luck!</p>

<p>My characterization is not unfounded. I read dozens upon dozens of student reviews (Homepage</a> of studentreview.com) While some say the opposite, the majority seems to support this characterization. I'm sure you are very proud of your children, and I did not mean to defend them. I am aware not all the students are weathly. I did not mean they had it easy academically, I know all students have to live up to the same standards come admission time.</p>

<p>But thank you for your consideration and time in answering my question.</p>

<p>it doesnt sound like you should even apply, considering you think kids at vandy are rich and spoiled. good for you for working hard despite financial setbacks, but dont walk around with a chip on your shoulder because of it. we all have our issues.
you need to remember that students that go onto a review site like that likely have a complaint, or they wouldn't bother reviewing the school at all. take online reviews, especially those that any idiot could have written, with a grain of salt.
furthermore, in the post above, you said "i'm sure you are very proud of your children, and i did not mean to DEFEND them."
yes, you certainly did not.
basically, your SAT scores are not going to get you in, especially not RD. the fact that your have taken a challenging courseload, etc. is great, but unless you bring up those scores, it is highly unlikely you'll be accepted.</p>

<p>striving4eva - I'm not sure why you are interested in Vandy if you feel this way. I will say that self reporting is the least reliable form of information and without verified sources it is almost meaningless. I strongly recommend that you visit the colleges you are interested in and spend some time talking to the students and professors. Your perception of Vanderbilt is quite different from what I have seen. In any case I hope you ultimately end up at a college that you are happy with both intellectually and socially (maybe it will be Vandy). Best of Luck</p>

<p>I got to vandy as we speak. We are not all rich kids, though many are very wealthy. I will tell you now if you wanna make money start knowing people with money. Vanderbilt is very difficult and very challenging. I had a 35 act and a 4.5 in high chool and have a 3.2 here. Your stats are good but your test scores arnt good enough.</p>

<p>If you are valedictorian, you have a really good chance of getting in as long as your other things are at-least mediocre.</p>