What are my odds at selective schools

Hello everybody I am a curreny Junior looking at applying to college and was wondering what my odds at the following schools would be:

Colleges I’m applying to and the average accepted GPAs from my school
Each grouping is by approximate difficulty of admission

-Yale 4.05
-Princeton 4.06
-Columbia(Legacy) 3.81, several athletes bring this number down a lot(Possibly ED)
-U Chicago (GPA sample size too small to hold meaning) (EA)

-Dartmouth 3.99
-Upenn(Legacy) 3.96(Possibly ED)
-Cornell(Legacy)3.8(Possibly ED)
-Georgetown 3.99
-Johns Hopkins 4.01
-Williams 4.05
-Amherst 4.02

-Bowdoin 3.9
-Wash U 3.96
-UVA 3.9 (Almost everybody above 4.0 gets in) (EA)

-Hamilton 3.81(No one above a 4.0 has been rejected)
-Colby College 3.72(No one above 4.0 has been rejected)
-Washington and Lee 3.76 (No one above 4.0 has been rejected)
-George Washington University 3.62(No one above 4.0 has been rejected)

Unweighted: School doesn’t Calculate unweighted
Weighted: 4.18(Valedictorian generally has about a 4.3, I am in the top 3% of the class, I go to a highly competetive school, the average sat is about 1850 and send 7% to ivies)

SAT I: 2310 (total score)
-Math: 770
-CR: 770
-Writing: 760

PSAT: Semi Finalist

-US history:760
-Math 2: 800
-Bio: 790

Course Load:

Honors Bio
Honors Geometry
Honors English
Computer Science
Investing and Personal Finance
Regular History(Honors history is not available to freshamn)
An indendant project in the gifted program(Only available to Freshman)

Honors Chemistry
Honors Algebra 2
Honors English
AP computer science
Independant Science research Class
Honors History

AP Bio
Honors PreCalculus
Honors English
Ap Economics
Independant Science research

Ap Physics
Ap Spanish
BC Calc
AP Lang
Ap prob and stat
Indenpendant science research
Ap law and gov

-Ski racing team for 4 years(Captain Junior and Senior Year
-Debate team 4 years(Captain Senior Year)
-Model UN team 4 years(Vice president junior year, president senior year)
-Have written a couple pieces for my school’s literary magazine
-Model Congress team 4 years(Vice president junior year, president senior year)
-IGem 4 years(President senior year)
-QuizBowl Team 4 years
-Outdoor track 4 years
-Cross country 3 years
-Have an internship working/ doing research in a lab this summer
-I volunteer by coaching debate camp during the summer everyday for about 5 weeks
-I volunteer at my local library for 2hr every week
-I have won a couple book awards, my schools debate award, won trophies at states for debate twice,I have 1 gavel from model congress, 1 gavel from Model UN, I have won an award at science fairs

Race: White
Gender: Male
Income: Cost of attending doesn’t really matter/ not getting significant aid
Location: A wealthy suburb of NYC

What are my chances, Which of the 4 groupings of schools do you think I’ll end up at? I’ll chance you back

I forgot to mention I am a member of NHS and the Spanish Honors society

If 7 percent get in ivies and you are top 3 percent, you’ll probably get in. Just look over naviance for an accurate assessment

All Ivy league, Uchicago: reaches due to they are among the most selective ones. However you are a decent candidates. For Upenn and Cornell, a bit better for legacy. Uchicago is very hard to predict.

Amherst, Georgetown, Williams and Bowdoin: Reaches, but doable(relatively…)

Washu: High match
UVa: reach. OOS status is quite a hindrance.
JHU: high match
Washington and Lee: high match
Colby/Hamilton: Match

You don’t have any safety. Are you considering CUNYs too?

I forgot to mention, I’m legacy at UVA, and at UVA legacies are considered instate for admission purposes.

I’m sorry, but I’m not really seeing your logic on washington and lee being a high match, if their highest rejected gpa is 3.6 and 2050ish sat how could it be a high match, same with colby and hamilton, although their highests are about 3.9 and 2100. Shouldn’t washington and lee be a low match and colby/ hamilton low matches to matches?

Lol…then why do yoy ask? You can just atick to your list.
Washingtin and lee has 18% acceptance rate from last year. That means anyone with high stat can be rejected. And where did you get that data??


Really??? Naviance isnt reliable at all. You should see common data set fro Washingto and Lee