What are my odds for getting into University of Notre Dame

GPA UW: 3.729
GPA W: 4.357
Rank: 17/311

  • AP Bio: 4, AP Lang: 5, APUSH: 5. (junior year)
  • AP Comp Sci A, AP Physics, AP Literature, and AP Italian (haven’t taken ap tests yet)
    Very rigorous schedule: took 3 honor classes freshman year, 6 sophomore year, 2 plus 3 AP’s junior year, and this year I have 4 AP’s. (didn’t take AP Calc but I’m in Calculus)
    Essay: my strongest point
    Letters of Rec: solid
    EC: Club Softball all four years (many hours a week), Varsity Softball all four years, “Girls’ Show” which is like a dance/drill team/theatre performance at our school for 4 years, Job for two summers/fall (35 hour weeks), Volunteer Softball Coach for younger girls for 4 years , Church volunteer for 3 years, Peer Mentor for groups of freshman 2 years (I was a selected applicant), writing and math lab tutor 2 years(selected applicant), Italian Club/ President for 4 years, Class of 2021 Committee for 2 years,
    Honors: National Honor Society 2 years, World Language Honor Society 2 years, PV Honor Society 3 years, PV Student of the Month
    Also I’m a girl who is latina/hispanic (Peruvian to be specific)
    From NJ
    First generation college student
    Intended Major: Comp Sci