What are my odds of being accepted into UT Austin?

I am applying to UT Austin and want to know what my chances of acceptance are…
GPA: 5.2 (weighted) 3.9 (unweighted)
SAT: Choosing to omit
Rank: 11%
Extra Curricular: Drill Team for 3 years (held 4 years in a leadership role freshman- senior year including officer), Private studio team for 2 years, leadership club
Classes: Took all AP classes when given the opportunity, currently enrolled in dual credit, have already passed 4 AP exams and will be taking 2 more this year

I forgot to include I would like to major in business

If you’re in-state, you’d probably get in. Getting into McCombs Business School, probably not. If you don’t get in as a freshman, it’s near impossible to get in from the outside. If you’re out of state, forget it. UT-Austin reserves 90% of their applications for state residents.

What about a transfer to Econ with a 3.54, great essays, 6 LOR’s, and a pretty good resume? I also have 46 hours

In the same situation as you are - lets hope we can make it in.

I am in state. Do you think there is a chance to get into McCombs Business School with a really great essay and application, or possibly waitlisted?