What are my odds of getting into the CU college of engineering aerospace program?

I am interested in the CU aerospace program. I heard application is pretty competitive, and I was wondering how I stack up. Based on their average scores I know I am within the range to get into the program but I was wondering if my odds are moderate or strong. Here’s some stats about me:
SAT-1520 (I’m hoping to improve this, I only got to take it once because of COVID and I messed up on the reading)
*SAT Math-790
GPA W-4.5
GPA UW- 4.0
AP Stats- 5
AP Physics 1- 4
I am in 4 AP classes this year, including Calc BC as a junior. Next year I am taking calc 3, diffy q, and linear algebra.
I have a lot of extracurriculars. I was second place at states this year in debate. I’ve medaled a few times at states in Science Olympiad. I won a state-wide math competition last year. I am the head of my school’s eco club and do tech for drama troupe. I also am a competitive mountain biker. I do a lot of volunteer work with children, teaching them how to ski and mountain bike.
If anyone knows a lot about the program or is in the program (or the college of engineering) I would love to hear how I stack up. Thanks

I was accepted to the Aerospace Program this year (Class of 2024). You have excellent stats and great extracurricular activities, so I would say you have a very good chance of getting in. If you are in-state, that helps even more.

My daughter just got into that program with the stats slightly worse than yours. One of the things, in any college application, is the “why the…” question. I want to ask you that question. Not only to help you prepare for your composition, but also to help my daughter. She has a few great options to choose from, since many schools accepted her. Why should she commit to the Aerospace Engineering at Boulder? Why would YOU choose Boulder over other programs?

There are many ways to choose a school, and one of the aids in choices is the ranking. Surely, the ranking are done often in a strange way, and the criteria used are may be not what you or I would use in our considerations. But here is one list: https://aerospace-schools.com/aerospace-engineering
So. Why Boulder?

I got in for the class of 2024 and your stats are above mine so I’d say you look good

While the engineering school is difficult to get into directly, you have pretty good odds considering your stats alone. If not I guarantee you’ll be admitted into at least pre-engineering, which will then lead to an aerospace track assuming you maintain a certain GPA. Best of luck!