What are my Odds of Transferring into Mays Business School

I wanted to ask what y’all thought my odds of transferring into Mays Business School are. I currently have a 4.0 and about 55 credit hours at Austin Community College (ACC). I spent about 5 months on my essay with a transfer specialist at ACC so I feel like it’s pretty solid. Super nervous after reading some of the stuff on here so any advice helps. Been thinking about uploading a letter of recommendation from my boss who graduated from A&M, but don’t want it to make the waiting process any longer than it has to be. Thank you in advance.

You can’t do any better than a 4.0 in college. That makes you very solid as a candidate. The only problem is the amount of slots they have available. There’s literally NOTHING you can do about that. I’ve got high hopes you’ll get in.

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