What are my sons chances?

White male in California met priority deadline
1330 SAT
3.58 GPA (Improved significantly had a 3.07 freshman year and averaged a 3.8 sophomore/junior year)
Taken 4 AP, 4 honors, 2IB classes
26 concurrent enrollment courses

98% seminary attendance average for all 6 semesters, will be graduating
Essays: Volunteer at an adoption center for 7 years, Eagle Scout, Played 2 sports (volleyball 2 years, basketball 1 year), Service project in Mexico, Computer Science club, MUN debate team, worked 2 years

I really need a response I havent been getting any feedback

BYU uses a “spiritual” holistic approach to their admissions. They’re less concerned with the “list” of extracurriculars and more focused spiritual/academic balance and applicability to Gospel teachings.

He’s got a chance, but they’re going to want to know about his spiritual side and/or desires to serve a mission too.