What are Oberlin's strongest majors?

<p>Just wondering.</p>

<p>when i visited, they definitely stressed the strength of their science programs. The new science building is awesome, and of course the new environmental studies building is supposedly the greenest collegiate building in the US...</p>

<p>In some guide to college I read I found that these majors are strong: art history, classics, english, history, music, philosophy, sociology, creative writing. However, I just wrote down the ones that I was interested in, so there are many more. Reputation wise, the ones I had heard about aside from the list as being good were music, some sciences, enviro studies, and creative writing.</p>

<p>The fact is that almost all departments at Oberlin are strong.</p>

<p>How does Oberlin's Neuroscience compare with Vanderbilt, Brown, and Dartmouth? Can anyone provide feedback or point to a resource that describes or ranks. This morning we (including D), met the Dean of Admissions and it was not brought up until we asked and then the only reference was to PHd Dennie ? a professor on sabatical this year. Great building but really small, only 30 graduated last year with a major in Neuroscience. Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>From the Neuroscience Department's website:</p>

<p>"Oberlin College was one of the first undergraduate institutions in the United States to recognize the importance of this discipline, first offering an undergraduate major in Neuroscience in 1972. Oberlin's Neuroscience Program is seen by many as one of the best undergraduate programs of its kind in the country, as indicated by its recognition as a "Program That Works" by Project Kaleidoscope, a National Science Foundation supported group interested in the improvement and reform of science education. In 2005, the program received the Heuer Award for Outstanding Achievement in Undergraduate Science Education. The Program currently enrolls 60 majors."</p>

<p>There are seven neuroscientists in the department. Thirty majors per class is large for a college Oberlin's size.</p>

<p>See <a href="http://www.oberlin.edu/nsci/general/generalinfo.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.oberlin.edu/nsci/general/generalinfo.html&lt;/a> for more info.</p>

<p>My daughter's experience to date lends credence to post #5. She's reported excellent instruction in virtually all her courses; areas include history and various social sciences, language and mathematics.</p>

<p>Very impressive to me, since I certainly wouldn't have given the same report about my own undergrad experience at a large university.</p>