What are other options

Unw: 3.3

Major: Civil or mechanical engineer

SAT: 1580 M:540 CR:480 W:580
Planning to take math level 2

Going to take AP Calc test

12th Grade Courses:
AP Calculus AB
Gov/ Econ
Health (haha)

1Did a couple of hours at soccer camp with mentally challenged kids
2Played on Var soccer since Freshman, was a captain since then
3Worked with my dad on construction
Part of the soccer club, i am VP this year

For my personal statement:
Prompt for freshman: talk about how my parents were always working and i had to take care of sisters most of HS, and how my work experience with my dad helped me choose my path to my major.

Prompt 2: Talk about how i almost died in car accident and how my moms injury forced me to work and provide money to help with house expenses.

Well, i plan UCB, UCD, maybe UCSB. For CSU’s i want Cal Poly.

See your other threads for suggestions.