What are reasons for being rescinded at UNC Charlotte?

If a student has already been accepted but has a drop in grades in two classes of their senior year which were some of the toughest APs, could this lead to the student being rescinded? Is there a possibility to explain themselves? Thanks

Is this your classes? What classes and what grades?

AP Calculus AB and AP Physics 1, a D in calc and a potential high D maybe a low C in physics

Try to salvage the C in AP Physics 1 at least. You should be ok, as long as your other grades are good.

So a D in calc senior year would be ok? Really?

Well, it’s better than an F.

colleges generally look at the trend of your grades

if you consistently had a’s/b’s, it might be alarming to them if you suddenly dropped

My son got D’s in Calc BC & Physics 2 his senior year. He had basically given up even trying. After final grades were submitted he received a letter stating that they had noticed the drop in his grades and he might want to familiarize himself with the tutoring options available. They didn’t rescind his acceptance and he’s now a sophomore and doing great.